Vulture Safe Zone

Harloo Safaris is contributing to save vultures in South Africa and is working together with Birdlife South Africa to create vulture safe zones.

Vultures are amongst Africa's most threatened wildlife, with five of South Africa's nine species listed as Critically Endangered or Endangered by the IUCN. Within southern Africa, vultures have suffered rapid population declines of up to 80% over the last decade. Their demise is largely due to direct and indirect poisoning.
To address this dynamic threat landscape, the Multi-species Action Plan for the conservation of African-Eurasian Vultures (Vulture MSAP) (Botha et al. 2017) has identified the implementation and establishment of Vulture Safe Zones (VSZs) as a priority conservation intervention. 

One of the main reasons that cause these deaths among vultures is lead poisoning form carcasses that has been harvested with ammunition that contains lead. We urge on our clients to help us making a difference by using lead free ammunition when hunting with us.