August 2020

Newsletter by Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter) and Niel Uys (Manager):

Dear friends

We trust you are well.

Harloo Safaris have had a great season so far! We have been blessed to meet great new friends, enjoyed many spectacular hunts and have had unforgettable nights around the camp fire.



  1. Close to the end of a great season

  2. Rhino poaching stats up to April 2019

  3. New record buffalo bull taken on Harloo

  4. Vultures in danger because of poisoning

  5. Marketing

  6. Great deals on hunts


Yours Sincerely

Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter)

1. Close to the end of a great season

It was just the other day when our hunting season started and now we are drawing near to the end. We have had a fantastic season with quality trophies and got to make a lot of new friends this season!

We want to thank everybody for their loyal support! 

Ten buffalo bulls have been hunted on Harloo this season, of which one was an all-new record bull of 44 inches. Our previous record at Harloo was 43 inches. See some new pictures of the latest animals harvested with Harloo Safaris..

2. Rhino poaching stats up until April 2019

Rhino poaching in South Africa is still a huge concern! 

2014 - 1028 rhinos poached country wide

2015 - 1054 rhinos poached country wide

2016 - 162 rhinos poached in KZN

2017 - 222 rhinos poached in KZN

2018 - 142 rhinos poached in KZN

2019 - 67 rhinos poached in KZN to date (1 Black and 66 white).

3. New record cape buffalo bull on Harloo

As you all know Harloo has exceptionally good quality Cape buffalo and with our last game count in 2018 we counted over 200 head of buffalo on Harloo. Harloo is approximately 10 000 acres in size and all these buffalo are free roaming on this land. The buffalo are all born and bred on Harloo. Some of these animals have never been seen before and this beast is one of these. The client wanted a buffalo bigger than 40 inches and he got this monster that measured 44 inches! An all new record and I am sure there are even bigger somewhere.

4. Vultures in danger because of poisoning for cultural beliefs

I  recently attended an IBA meeting where the issue of vulture poisoning was addressed. Vultures are being poisoned, in the belief that they have medicinal value as well as for witchcraft. The street value for one vulture is approximately $100.


What these criminals do is they will find dead animals and poison the meat. The next day they will come back and collect the dead vultures. In some cases over a 100 vultures were killed on one carcass. The IBA now is making a number of plans plans and measures to prevent the poisoning and to try and arrest these criminals.

5. Marketing

First of all we want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We hope to see you at SCI in Reno next year!

Follow us on Facebook! We have decided that we are going to post frequent posts on Facebook which will include some pictures of hunts, sightings and more. Please visit Harloo Facebook page and like us or send us a friend request to be able to follow us on Facebook.

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Dear Friends - In previous newsletters we have asked a big favour and we want to ask again that you please write something about your experience with us on Marketing is a very costly expenditure and business is tough with the political problems and the weak economy. For those who have already posted we thank you. It is truly appreciated!

6. Great deals on hunts:



  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 37” spread.

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, license fees, field staff all included - no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 40” spread 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 43” spread. 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Choose any 6 out of the following species total per package deal: Grey Duiker, Warthog, Impala, Blesbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Kudu & Nyala 

  • Including 10 days, 9 nights for two hunters hunting 2 on 1 all in for $8 990 


  • $1 100 (expect less than 26”) 

  • $1 900 (expect 26” to 29” realistically)

All bulls will be mature adult bulls.


  • From $3 100 (9ft), $7 000 (12ft), $13 500 (13, 5 ft.) pending age & size – Up to 15 feet can be hunted  

  • Including daily rate as per brochure  


Please ask us about our cull hunt packages Impala from $150, Warthog from $150 and Nyala at $600


Hunt an old mature Roan Antelope for only $6700 including 6 days!

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull under 28” $6700

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull above 28” $7700

  • Including 6 days for 1 hunter.

  • Regular price $10 000 and more.

  • Permits, license fees, field staff all included no hidden fees.

  • First come basis. Limited numbers available.

  • See brochure for usual stuff what is in or excluded.


  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 40”  

  • Including 3 days for 1 hunter all in for $3 980 

  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 42”  

  • Including 3 days all in for $4 690 

Permits, license fees & field staff all included, no hidden fees on the above specials. On all specials please see our 2019 brochure or website for usual stuff included or excluded as well as our terms and conditions.