November 2018

Newsletter by Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter) and Niel Uys (Manager):

Dear friends

I trust you are well.

The hunting season has ended and now it is time for maintenance and other farm work like alien plant control, fixing roads and counting game. In this newsletter you can read about what is done on Harloo out of season. We will attend the SCI convention in Reno January 2019 - booth number 680. Hope to see you there!.


  1. Biennial game count

  2. Maintenance

  3. Anti-Poaching

  4. Great New Special deals on hunting for the 2019 season



Yours Sincerely

Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter)

1. Biennial Game Count

Every two years we do a game count on Harloo. 


After seeing tracks often and trail cam pics of leopard throughout the years, we have been handsomely rewarded this week by seeing two leopards in broad daylight.  A beautiful female together with a huge Tom. Pictured below left: The female can be seen on the rocks and the huge male can be seen sitting to the right of the tree trunk

Above: One of the Buffalo herds on Harloo on the game count. There were 80+ in this herd.

We counted over 200 head of buffalo!

The animal numbers at Harloo have doubled. The reason for this is that the poaching has been stopped.

Harloo has now over 1 500 Impala where in the past the number struggled to reach 500 head of Impala.

2.  Maintanance on Harloo

Clients often ask me what we do when we are not hunting. Below are a few things that keep us busy during the off season.

Fixing roads and building humps to prevent water washing away our roads after good rain.

Fixing Fences 

Because Harloo borders Swaziland, another country on the continent of Africa, it is important to keep critters from entering our reserve. They carry diseases that can spread to our Game and into South Africa. Buffalo also carry diseases that could spread to cattle from our side to Swaziland. This is very strictly controlled by the South African government and it is the responsibility of the land owner to make sure that game cannot cross the border without veterinarian clearance. 

Lodge and building maintenance

The verandas in front of each room at the lodge are covered with corrugated iron for our guests to sit outside when raining, or after a long days’ hunt, enjoying a cup of coffee while appreciating nature. The poles used for the ceiling have also painted with a wood sealer to prevent damage.

The skinning shed is also painted along with some other changes to make the work easier.

Building new gate on the main road to Swaziland

3. Anti-Poaching

We are entering the festive season now and poachers are working overtime during this time of the year. They are poaching for meat to eat and to sell. The poachers use dogs, snares (Traps) and rifles.

Bushbuck Ewe caught in a snare 28/10/2018

Harloo Game Scouts

4. Great deals on hunts for the 2019 Season:



  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 37” spread.

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, license fees, field staff all included - no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 40” spread 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 43” spread. 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Choose any 6 out of the following species total per package deal: Grey Duiker, Warthog, Impala, Blesbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Kudu & Nyala 

  • Including 10 days, 9 nights for two hunters hunting 2 on 1 all in for $8 990 


  • $1 100 (expect less than 26”) 

  • $1 900 (expect 26” to 29” realistically)

All bulls will be mature adult bulls.


  • From $3 100 (9ft), $7 000 (12ft), $13 500 (13, 5 ft.) pending age & size – Up to 15 feet can be hunted  

  • Including daily rate as per brochure  


Please ask us about our cull hunt packages Impala from $150, Warthog from $150 and Nyala at $600


Hunt an old mature Roan Antelope for only $6700 including 6 days!

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull under 28” $6700

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull above 28” $7700

  • Including 6 days for 1 hunter.

  • Regular price $10 000 and more.

  • Permits, license fees, field staff all included no hidden fees.

  • First come basis. Limited numbers available.

  • See brochure for usual stuff what is in or excluded.


  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 40”  

  • Including 3 days for 1 hunter all in for $3 980 

  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 42”  

  • Including 3 days all in for $4 690 

Permits, license fees & field staff all included, no hidden fees on the above specials. On all specials please see our 2019 brochure or website for usual stuff included or excluded as well as our terms and conditions.