October 2020

Newsletter by Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter) and Niel Uys (Manager):

Dear friends
We trust you are well.

We have reached the end of a great hunting season! It was a good year for us and we would like to take this opportunity thank each and every one of you who supported us this year and all previous years!


  1. Last hunt of the Season

  2. Important factors to take in consideration when bow hunting

  3. Weather and Condition of our animals

  4. Marketing

  5. Great deals on hunts


Yours Sincerely

Edmond Rouillard (Outfitter)

1. The last hunt of the Season

Once again we have been blessed to meet and hunt with great people. Our friends were bow hunting only and arrived at Harloo with great expectations. Well... With our excellent staff and a passion for what we do we managed to provide great success.

Please see pictures below of the animals taken with bow and arrow from our pit blinds on Harloo. I also want to mention that not one animal was wounded or lost on this safari with bow and arrow.

Nyala with bow

Nyala with bow

Kudu with bow

Kudu with bow

Impala with cross-bow

Impala & Blesbuck with bow

Zebra with bow

Zebra with bow

Warthog with bow

Warthog with bow

2. Important factors to take in consideration to make your bow hunt a success

When you want to make your booking for a bow hunt you must take the following factors in consideration.

  • It is important to look for dates over dark moon periods when you want to make a reservation. Animals tend to drink at night during full moon.

  • The best time for bow hunting is from the 1st May to the end of August.

  • Ask the outfitter what type of blinds you will be hunting from and what the shot distances will be at the blinds. 

The following factors will improve your success?

  •  DO NOT attempt a shot if the view of your target or the flight of your arrow is obstructed in any way.  

  • Know your shot distance. Do not guess the distance range it.  

  • Only attempt shots at the “Vital Area” (Kill zone) of an animal. 

  • Study your shot placements on the different animals you want to hunt.

  • Pick a spot in the center of the kill zone, aim for that spot, squeeze the trigger and follow through.         

  • DO NOT attempt shots at a moving animal. 

  • Search diligently to track down and recover any wounded game. 

  • Respect fellow-hunters / non-hunters / landowners / their property and their rights. 

  • Only hunt and operate well within your level of competency.

  • DO NOT attempt a shot if another animal is standing behind the target animal.

  • Always use new (sharp) broad heads.

What equipment to take with on your bow hunt.

  • Range finder and an extra pair of batteries.

  • Binoculars

  • Flashlight 

  • Facemask 

  • 2 Dozen arrows and broad heads

  • Extra release (Trigger) if you hunt with one.

  • General repair equipment for your bow

  • We do not recommend mechanical heads but some faster bows work well with them.

  • Good camouflage clothing. Camo is legal. Leafy 3D suits work well for bow hunting in tree stands. Any black or dark top for ground blind hunting will do. 

3. Weather and Condition of our Animals 

Last month (September) was tough on the animals. We did not have any winter rain which we usually get during the season. Because of this, green grass and leaves on the trees have disappeared rapidly over the last month. Fortunately we got some good rain just in time a few week or two ago. It seems that we are going to have a normal season with good rain that will provide excellent hunting opportunity for 2020. 

4. Marketing

First of all we want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We hope to see you at SCI in Reno next year!

Follow us on Facebook! We have decided that we are going to post frequent posts on Facebook which will include some pictures of hunts, sightings and more. Please visit Harloo Facebook page and like us or send us a friend request to be able to follow us on Facebook.

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Dear Friends - In previous newsletters we have asked a big favour and we want to ask again that you please write something about your experience with us on http://huntingreport.com/enter-hunting-report/. Marketing is a very costly expenditure and business is tough with the political problems and the weak economy. For those who have already posted we thank you. It is truly appreciated!

5. Great deals on hunts:



  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 37” spread.

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, license fees, field staff all included - no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 40” spread 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Old, hard bossed dagga bull up to 43” spread. 

  • Including 3 nights for one hunter, permits, license fees & field staff all included – no hidden fees


  • Choose any 6 out of the following species total per package deal: Grey Duiker, Warthog, Impala, Blesbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Kudu & Nyala 

  • Including 10 days, 9 nights for two hunters hunting 2 on 1 all in for $8 990 


  • $1 100 (expect less than 26”) 

  • $1 900 (expect 26” to 29” realistically)

All bulls will be mature adult bulls.


  • From $3 100 (9ft), $7 000 (12ft), $13 500 (13, 5 ft.) pending age & size – Up to 15 feet can be hunted  

  • Including daily rate as per brochure  


Please ask us about our cull hunt packages Impala from $150, Warthog from $150 and Nyala at $600


Hunt an old mature Roan Antelope for only $6700 including 6 days!

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull under 28” $6700

  • Trophy fee for Roan bull above 28” $7700

  • Including 6 days for 1 hunter.

  • Regular price $10 000 and more.

  • Permits, license fees, field staff all included no hidden fees.

  • First come basis. Limited numbers available.

  • See brochure for usual stuff what is in or excluded.


  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 40”  

  • Including 3 days for 1 hunter all in for $3 980 

  • Trophy fee for black mature Sable bull up to 42”  

  • Including 3 days all in for $4 690 

Permits, license fees & field staff all included, no hidden fees on the above specials. On all specials please see our 2019 brochure or website for usual stuff included or excluded as well as our terms and conditions.